It has come to an agreement that calls will not start until about June 9, or when everyone is out of school. By that time we seriously need people to start showing up! If there’s a problem with showing up let us know in advance!



What quality are you looking for? I was going to try and audition, but the mic I have with me is attached to a headset and makes soft but slightly audible sounds whenever I move my jaw too much and the ear piece moves to adjust. I haven't yet figured out how to make it stop, and the more I listen to my recordings the more obvious it becomes. I don't know if it's just in my head now or what, but I figured I'd check first before submitting anything.

We just want to be able to hear you! If there’s a little background noise, that’s fine! Being able to hear your voice is the most important part!

So. You have a list of those taken but... no Audition rules posted? What exactly do you expect in an audition?

Rules are simple, max auditions you can send in is three, and read a pesterlog or something. I think that’s it. (Oh and I did post the auditions rules, first rules posted)

Special video from the three admins to you!

Comic by ElasticityMudflap


Aradia Equius Eridan

CausticGambler's shitty unused personal here, just curious. By 1 GMT, you mean 1am? Because that's a bad time for me (I can't voice chat after midnight due to sleeping people). I can text chat, will that be good enough?

Of course! I put 1 GMT because u thought that equals to 5 PST (RIGHT????)


Here are the rules!:

  1. You can send up to three auditions
  2. There will be no double casting FUCK THAT WE NEED TO GET THESE ROLES FILLED
  3. You know I think that’s pretty much it.

If you’re casted:

  1. Please, please, PLEASE, send us your Skype!
  2. We have group calls every TWO weeks! We have them at about 5 PST/8 EST/1 GMT on SUNDAYS starting JUNE 9.
  3. If you don’t show up for your first and second group call, we will have to replace you and remove you from the list.
  4. Video/Mic. is NOT required for calls, but is highly suggested to work easier with us.
  5. This is VERY important! Please have some logs or comics ready when it’s time for our call so we can get started faster!